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Ancient Corinth, Corinth

About Ancient Corinth

Corinth was a city-state on the Isthmus of Corinth, the narrow stretch of land that joins the Peloponnese to the mainland of Greece, roughly halfway between Athens and Sparta. The modern city of Corinth is located approximately 5 kilometres (3.1 mi) northeast of the ancient ruins. Since 1896, systematic archaeological investigations of the Corinth Excavations by the American School of Classical Studies at Athens have revealed large parts of the ancient city, and recent excavations conducted by the Greek Ministry of Culture have brought to light important new facets of antiquity.

For Christians, Corinth is well known from the two letters of Saint Paul in the New Testament, First and Second Corinthians. Corinth is also mentioned in the Acts of the Apostles as part of the Paul the Apostle’s missionary travels. In addition, the second book of Pausanias’ Description of Greece is devoted to Corinth.

Ancient Corinth was one of the largest and most important cities of Greece, with a population of 90,000 in 400 BC. The Romans demolished Corinth in 146 BC, built a new city in its place in 44 BC, and later made it the provincial capital of Greece.

What to See in
Ancient Corinth

Archaeological Museum of Ancient Corinth

The Museum of Ancient Corinth was built in 1932 to house the numerous objects brought to light by the archaeological excavations. Its construction was undertaken by the American School of Classical Studies, thanks to a donation of Ada Small Moore.

The building was designed by Stuart Thompson, following the architectural model of the “Chicago school”. The west wing was added later, in 1951. Museum spaces were organized around two atriums, which give a unique character to the building.

During 2007-2008, works were undertaken in order to upgrade the Museum, through funds of the 3rd CSF. The two galleries containing the prehistoric collections and the finds from the Sanctuary of Asklepios were renovated at this time.

In 2015, large-scale works were completed in the east and south wing. These areas now host a new exhibition on ancient Corinth, from the Geometric Period until its destruction by the Romans, in 146 B.C. 

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